Town Council

Town Council

Watrous is governed by an elected Town Council consisting of a Mayor and six Councilors. All members of Town Council are elected at large for a four-year term, and generally meet every second Monday. A fixed election date is set for the 4th Wednesday of October every four years.

The governing of the town follows the rules and regulations set down by the provincial government in the Municipalities’ Act. An administration is appointed by Council to handle all details relating to the operation of the town and to ensure that all departments fulfill their duties.

Watrous Council Members

Mayor: John Gunderson

Councilors: Adam Prokopchuk, Jody Lewis, Jean Margetts, Lane Manson, Taylor Engele, Juanita Allin.

Chief Administrative Officer

Orrin Redden


Administration, Engineering and Public Works, Building and Licence Inspector, Economic Development Planning, Volunteer Fire Department, Parks and Recreation Department.

Council Meetings

Town Council generally meets twice monthly, usually the 2nd and 4th Monday.

Contact Information

Phone: 306.946.3369
Fax: 306.946.2974