Area Advantage

Area Advantage

Central Location in Saskatchewan

Watrous enjoys a central location in this province which makes it a natural transportation hub as well as an attractive destination for urban populations looking to relocate or visit a rural setting. The CN Railway Mainline runs directly through Watrous and the town is linked to major highways #16 and #11 via Highway #2. The town is also part of DHL’s express delivery network.

Watrous is within a two hour drive of the largest urban centers in Saskatchewan:

  • Regina -175km
  • Saskatoon -119km
  • Prince Albert -190km
  • Moose Jaw -154km

Big City Amenities – Small Town Quality of Life

Watrous is a dynamic fully serviced community with big city amenities mixed with small-town quality of life.

  • Fully serviced modern hospital and medical clinic
  • Sophisticated, coordinated emergency ambulance and fire services
  • Watrous features an elementary school, a high school, and post secondary facilities at Carlton Trail Regional College
  • RCMP detachment and an almost non-existent crime rate
  • Recreational facilities include an outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool, shale ball diamonds, golf course, and curling and hockey rinks
  • A Royal Bank branch location and a Credit Union branch location
  • Development incentives for commercial and residential development
  • High speed wireless and DSL accessibility
  • Large hospitality industry including several restaurants and hotels/motels
  • Corporate meeting space and conference facilities
  • Close proximity to the Resort Village of Manitou Beach, a world-famous tourism destination noted for the healing qualities of its mineral lake.


Agriculture is vital to the economy of nearly every community in Saskatchewan. Watrous serves a diverse agricultural base.

Watrous is situated in the center of the dark brown soil zone. The major soil associations include soils ranging from Weyburn loam to Elstow clay-loam.

The average long-term yields of spring wheat are approximately 30 bushels per acre. Considering that there are 107 frost free days on average, fall frosts are generally not much of a concern.

Average rainfall from April 1 to September 1 is 249.6 mm (9.8 inches). Crops grown in the area include; wheat (red spring and soft white), barley, flax, canola, mustard, oats, lentils, field peas, soybeans, and corn (for cattle feed).

There are a number of livestock producers in the area. The livestock enterprises vary from those utilizing areas of pasture and marginal land to intensive dairy and hog operations.

Forage production is an option that a number of farmers have investigated.

Watrous is close to the Poundmaker Livestock Feed Lot and Ethanol Plant which is located outside of Lanigan. Seed growers, seed cleaning plants, and pesticide and fertilizer suppliers are located in the area. The farm equipment dealers service and sell most of the major lines of machinery available on the market. Grain handling facilities are readily accessible. The CNR mainline passes through Watrous. A CPR branch line is within 20 miles of town. Located south of Watrous is Parrish & Heimbecker Terminal which handles grain throughout the area. Canada Malting Co. Ltd. is located in the former Sask Wheat Pool elevator in town limits that is used to load producer cars. CPS Canada, Blairs Fertilizer and Parrish & Heimbecker provide crop input supplied to farmers in the area.


Watrous and Manitou Beach are major tourism destinations in Saskatchewan. Visitors from all over the world come to Manitou Beach to experience the legendary healing mineral waters found in Little Manitou Lake. It is estimated that Tourism contributes $20 million to the local economy every year.

There are many things to see and do at Watrous & Manitou Beach and which form the basis for Tourism.

The water of Manitou Lake with its high mineral content is what makes the area unique. Other attractions in the area include Manitou Springs Mineral Spa, Danceland, and Manitou Regional Park with its beautiful 230 site campground and golf course. In addition there are also many other things to see and do. For complete information, visit the Tourism website at:


Saskatchewan is home to the world’s richest deposits of potash. One-third of the world’s supply of potash comes from Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has enough potash to supply the world for several hundred years. The Potash Industry is flourishing in the Watrous area. There are 3 world class potash mines located within commuting distance of Watrous. These include:

  • Mosaic Potash Colonsay
  • Allan PCS
  • Lanigan PCS

A fourth mine is also under construction in the area near Janzen by BHP Billiton. This is expected to have significant economic impact on the whole region.


Watrous and Manitou Beach are home to approximately 150 businesses (storefront & home-based). Included in this is Saskatchewan’s largest GM dealership which attracts buyers from around the province to view their stock of between 700-800 vehicles at any given time. The small business sector services approximately 11,000 people within a 50km radius of Watrous.

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