Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives

Residential Property

Over the last decade, the Town has developed a number of residential areas in the Town. A large expansion area on the West end of Town has been virtually completed, with many new homes built. The areas along 12th Ave and 13th Ave on the North end of Town have also been developed and homes have been built. As of 2012, a whole new area has been opened up on the East end of Town across from the Hospital grounds and serviced lots are now available. For a map of available lots, see Residential Lots For Sale   .

The Town of Watrous has an aggressive Residential Development Incentive Policy in place since 2001. The tax incentive allows individuals that build new homes to experience tax concessions for up to 4 years.

For more information, read more in the Residential Development Incentive Policy.

Industrial Development

Light industrial is located on the east side of town in the Midway Industrial Park. Phase one of the industrial area, the southern part, is largely developed. Development has included several contractors shops, storage units, a tire shop, greenhouse and includes a veterinary practice.

The Town recently serviced 7 parcels on Midway Street extending north of 4th Avenue East. These parcels range in size from 1975 m2 to 4668 m2. Servicing includes water, sewer, power, natural gas and telephone.

To view the parcels available please click Industrial Lots.

The industrial area is strategically located with direct access to Highway #365 and Highway #2. Tax incentives are available for commercial and industrial developments, read more in the Commercial Development Incentive Policy.

Commercial Property

The commercial development of Watrous is concentrated mainly in two areas of towns.

The one area of Commercial C1 development is along Main Street from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue. This area has been developed over the years as the commercial core that serves the daily needs of the community and surrounding district. This is a well established business section.

The other area of Commercial C2 development is the portion of town that fronts on highway #2 or 1st Avenue from 3rd Street W. to 7th Street E.

There is re-zoning from residential to commercial lots in the same area. The town has some properties available and the existing privately owned residential lots provide ample property which will be available for future commercial property development with excellent exposure.

The Town of Watrous has a Commercial Tax Incentive Program in place offering tax concessions on new development for 4 years.

For more information, read more in the Commercial Development Incentive Policy.

Main Street Property for Sale

Main Street Property for Sale