The Town of Watrous is a progressive community, ideally located near the centre of the populated area of the province. It is 110 km southeast of Saskatoon and 175 km northwest of Regina.

Watrous is at the center of the Canadian grainbelt. It is well-known for the healing waters of Lake Manitou, CBK Radio, and Camp Easter Seal. It is also known as a center for agricultural implements and automotive dealerships. Not only has Watrous become an ideal place for retirement with the soothing waters of the Manitou Springs Mineral Spa nearby, but is also a thriving economic center based upon agriculture, tourism, mining, and industry.

The Town of Watrous maintains an industrious and diversified business district and is backed by a very progressive Town Council. With a population of 1,808, the Town of Watrous is an administrative center for a number of various government departments. Three potash mines located near Watrous are also major employers of residents. 

The Town came into being in 1906, when the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway established a divisional point at the town site. The community was named after Frank Watrous Morse. Watrous was incorporated as a village in 1908 and as a town in 1909. The people soon realized the medicinal properties of Manitou Lake, and today, thousands of people visit Watrous and Manitou Beach to test the mysterious waters of Little Manitou Lake.     . . . Read more . . .

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This notice is being submitted as a friendly reminder to enable our Public Works staff to provide you with the best possible service.  In order for the Town equipment and manpower to properly remove snow from the streets following a snowfall, residents and businesses are asked to remove all vehicles from the streets as soon as possible.  Trailers, boats and infrequently used vehicles should not be parked on the street.

Please refrain from moving snow from driveways and private property to the streets and avenues.

The Public Works Department will make every effort to remove snow from a driveway approach during the winter months utilizing our grader and snow wing. 

Even with the best efforts of our grader operator, the wing will still leave ridges of snow. 

It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove these ridges.

Residents are also reminded to avoid areas where snow removal is taking place.  Please maintain a safe distance from snow removal equipment and vehicles at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

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Effective October 1, 2022

Tuesdays/Thursdays:    12 Noon – 4 PM

Saturdays:   10 AM – 4 PM 

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