Mid Sask Municipal Alliance (MSMA)

Mid Sask Municipal Alliance (MSMA)

The Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance (MSMA) is an association of municipalities focused on managing the impact of rapid economic growth as a result of the construction of the BHP Jansen mine project and the growth and expansion of other industries.  The Town of Watrous has been a part of the alliance since it’s beginning in 2009.

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We are a progressive group of small and large communities in a rural setting committed to working together as a regional partnership for the long-term betterment of the area. Our richness in agriculture, potash, tourism and manufacturing creates a strong economy for the region and the province. Our region contains cooperative and ambitiously spirited communities that create a unique quality of life for everyone.


Working together to sustain, build, and grow the communities in the MSMA Region.


GOALIncrease the economic competitiveness of the MSMA Region.

The Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance will continue to focus its efforts on preparing the region for growth and maximizing the opportunities for all municipalities in the region to benefit from that growth.

The MSMA Region continues to work with BHP on strategies that will prepare the area for full mining operations.

Engage inter-municipal economic development strategies that will ensure a proactive and engaged approach at the local level.

Facilitate the establishment of sector specific regional entities that will build on the opportunities within the region to supply the key economic drivers being the agriculture & mining industries.

And the MSMA Region will continue to put the region on the map, front and centre with the provincial and federal governments, in order maximize opportunities and attract the needed services which will then support the region’s ability to attract new investments and residents.