The Water

Fed by underground springs, the shallow saline lake lies deep in a glacial-carved valley. The lake is 91% pure water, but has a specific gravity 10% higher than regular water due to a higher concentration of dissolved salts and minerals. The added density greatly enhances buoyancy and make it impossible for people to sink - even when motionless. Unless you leave earth's atmosphere, this is one of the few places in the world where you can experience the sensation of weightlessness.

The minerals in the water are therapeutic in a variety of ways. Dependent upon mineral deficiencies, the body draws the minerals right
through the skin itself. Conversely, the water draws minerals within the body to the surface of the skin. This in combination with weightlessness and a heated spa/bath experience work at relieving pressure from muscles and joints, cleanse and heal the skin, relieves stress and generally work in a holistic way to heal the body. This is why mineral spas are such an important part of European health care as both preventative medicine and as treatment.

Mineral Ocean Manitou Lake
Chloride 18,980 16,820
Sodium 10,556 17,550
Sulfate 2,649 44,303
Magnesium 1,272 8,943
Calcium 400 379
Potassium 380 769
Bicarbonate 140 935
Bromide 65 48
Other 40 ?
Total Density 34,482 89,747