The Right Thing to Do – Watrous Manitou

Watrous Manitou community members working together to help refugees

Community members are working together to sponsor a refugee family’s settlement in Watrous. We are using the “BVOR process” in which the community and government partner in the first year to provide support to the refugee family. There are many necessary steps needed such as fundraising, housing, language, life-skills assistance, and provision of community resources.

COMMITTEE HISTORY: On November 29th, 2015 an interfaith community meeting was held in Watrous to discuss the crisis situation for Syrian refugees - fleeing their country to find a safe and supportive place to live and raise their families. Among the speakers, we heard Klaus Gruber of Saskatoon and Karis Brandes of Watrous tell of their experiences with refugee families, and of the rich and rewarding opportunity for a community like Watrous. The meeting was very well attended, and it was determined that there was enough community support to pursue it further … because it’s THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Acknowledging that the need is great worldwide for families who are fleeing because of religious, political and personal persecution, we decided to extend our scope to a refugee family from anywhere.

STEERING COMMITTEE: Karis Brandes (Chair), Jim Coulter, Melody Penrose, Cathy Wheten, and Sarah McKen

DONATIONS: Your financial support is essential to the support of a family settlement. Please contact any Watrous Church to donate to THE RIGHT THING TO DO or contact any steering committee member

STAY INFORMED: You have a few communication tools available to you. Use the form below to register your email for periodic information updates, fundraising status reports, and calls for volunteer help. If you are on Facebook, click the button below to “Like” our community page for selected information regarding global refugee situations, local opportunities, and fundraising initiatives. Please feel free to contact any of the Steering Committee members if you have any question or want to volunteer.

We are in the process of looking for a family that will benefit from the resources and unique atmosphere that rural Saskatchewan has to offer. We look forward to being able to provide a nurturing, peaceful and loving environment here in our community so that the healing for a troubled family in crisis can begin.

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